Louis Braille Timeline

January 4, 1809 - Louis Braille is born in Coupvray, France.

1812 (age 3) - Louis loses his sight when an infection develops after he pokes himself in the eye with a stitching awl.

1815 (age 6) - Father Palluy comes to Coupvray and becomes the priest at the local Catholic church.  He begins Louis' education and instructs him in religion.

1819 (age 10) - Louis moves to the Royal Institute for Blind Youth in Paris.

1821 (age 12) - Louis is introduced to to Barbiers' night-writing system.  He starts to make improvements, which leads to his own system.

1824 (age 15) - Louis presents his new system to Dr. Pignier, the director of
the Royal Institute for Blind Youth.

1826 (age 17) - Louis graduates and becomes a student teacher at
the Royal Institute for Blind Youth.

1829 (age 20) - Louis publishes the first book describing his system, now generally know as "Braille" in honor of him.

1833 (age 24) - Louis is promoted as the official church organist at Saint Nicholas-des-Champs, in Paris.

1834 (age 25) - Louis exhibits his system at the 1834 Paris Exposition of Industry.  The king watches a performance, but does not offer official support.

1835 (age 26) - Doctors examine Louis and diagnose him with tuberculosis, a lung disease.

1839 (age 30) - Louis invents raphigraphy, raised dots in the shape of letters (for better readability by sighted people.)

1843 (age 34) - With Louis' suggestion, the
the Royal Institute for Blind Youth is finally moved to a healthier facility.

January 6, 1852 (age 43) - Just two days after his 43rd birthday, Louis Braille dies of tuberculosis.  His body is originally buried in his hometown of Coupvray, but everything except his hands is later moved to the Pantheon, where many of France's greatest heroes lie.

1854 - Louis' dream of his system being nationally recognized comes true, even though he does not live to see it.